Road trip to Maharashtra’s valley of flowers – Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau is known as Maharashtra’s valley of flowers and it also happens to be a UNESCO world heritage site. I’ve heard about this place and I’ve read a few things about it. Of course, I wanted to visit it. So, I talked about it with Abhishek, with whom I went to Parvati Hill – Pune’s highest point. September seemed like a good time to visit, but I & Abhishek had already some other plans for the weekends. So, we figured we’d visit in October. Alright then, October it is.

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Advertisements Review

Who doesn’t like discounts while shopping online? Gone are the days when we would have to check out stores / shopping malls before considering purchasing things like electronic items, apparel, footwear, watches, books, cameras etc. Online shopping has become a trend for a few years and it seems that the trend will go on. After all, who doesn’t like things delivered at their doorsteps? So, if online shopping is a cake, then the cherry on the cake is discount coupons. Don’t you just love the word ‘discounts’? I most certainly do and recently I came across a wonderful website, which offers such discount coupons. In this post I am going to review the website.

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College days are some of the best days of one’s life. Wouldn’t you agree? I definitely would and getting into your dream college would be a cherry on top of the cake, right? But, how do you figure out your dream college? Would you just blindly enter the college your best friend got into? Or would you do some research before hand and decide for yourself which college suits your needs? I’d say do some research in advance so you’ll have a fair idea. After all, you’ll be investing a few years, which are a very important part of your life, and your parents’ savings before you become a professional and start earning for yourself. You’ve got to be smart and wise before making such an important decision for your career. You might ask “Where can I do this research?” Well, the answer to that question is College Dunia. What is it? Continue reading to know more.

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A healthy child makes a happy home

Hey Hardik, are you going to come to play football with me today in our society’s ground?”

“I want to, but I am not feeling well today. I am suffering from fever and cold. Mom says I should take some rest. You carry on, Parth.”

“Oh, that’s bad. I’ll have to ask someone else. No issues. You take care, Hardik. We’ll play when you’re feeling well.”

“Sure, Parth. We’ll play soon. Bye.”

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Bring back the touch

“You’ll be going to London within a week. You’ll be going for a month.” Rohit couldn’t believe it at first when he read his email. He was excited and worried at the same time. Excited to be in the UK and worried to miss Sonia – his wife. Rohit and Sonia were a newly married couple. It had been only 8 months since they got married and now Rohit won’t be around her for at least a month. He was definitely going to miss her.

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Dudhsagar Waterfalls – The Wild White Beauty

there ain’t no journey what don’t change you some.”

There are two kinds of travels. The sort of travel that is a good escape from routine life and the sort of travel which is not just travel but an experience in itself. The sort of travel that is truly mesmerizing and it takes a special place in your mind, your heart and in your life. It is not just the journey or the destination, but the entire story behind it that makes it a little bit more special. How can you not love such kind of travel? I just love it and fortunately I experienced one recently. I went to check out India’s 5th tallest and I guess the most scenic waterfall – Dudhsagar Waterfalls (which literally means sea of milk)! How was my experience? Read on.

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Little did she know… (continued)

Continued from here.

Harsh came out of the shower and checked his phone. There was a missed call from Ravi, one of his pals. They were school friends and they bonded together very well. They lived in the same building when they were kids and they attended the same college. They knew each other’s secrets and they knew how to keep them. Ravi was the first person Harsh had called after Nisha said yes to his marriage proposal. Their friendship became stronger after their marriages as Ravi’s wife was a college friend of Nisha. Both the couples would go on a double date every alternate weekend. When all of them were together, their fun quotient multiplied by four.

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