Who am I?

Riding Avenger in Goa :)

Hi there!

Thank for stopping by. It seems you’re interested to find out who I am. Well, keep reading.

I am Jay Shah. In daylight, I work for an I.T. organization and at night I am an explorer who travels on a flying bike to explore the places I dream in daylight 😉 Oh wait, that’s not true. I am a Web Developer by profession. My interests and hobbies include: traveling, photography, exploring things online and offline, reading, writing, and more. I like people with sense of humor. I get high on good conversations. I am from Ahmedabad, India. Currently I live in New Jersey, USA.

I started this blog to burp out my thoughts and up to a certain extent I did. But, honestly, I enjoy writing travelogues, poetry and fiction. I write sponsored posts too.

Wanna ask me anything? Send me a message.


6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Interesting blog, Jay! I am also a Gujarati living in Hyderabad sharing much similar passions and the same WordPress theme 😀 . Just stumbled to your blog, will check out more. Keep writing 🙂 And yeah, I hope you wear a helmet while riding, got a doubt ‘coz your cover pic says otherwise 🙂

    Ride Hard. Ride Safe. 🙂


    • Good to hear from you Jatin! It’s always nice to connect with other bloggers (especially a Gujju blogger :)). Hope you’re having fun in Hyderabad.

      Thanks for your kind words! Will keep writing more.

      Btw, the cover pic was captured in Goa and I just wanted to enjoy the sea breeze. Hence, no helmet 😉

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