Shave it, let’s do it!

Kal kare so aaj,
Aaj kare so ab,
Itne din se bal ugaye,
Beta, shave karega kab?

These were the lines of my roommate with whom I used to stay when I was in college. I was pursuing engineering and those were the days when I’d go to college unshaved. In fact, most of the engineers do the same. There were two reasons behind this. First, of course the laziness to invest humongous efforts required for shaving 😉 Second, it is kind of cool for engineers to have beards (because we can keep them ;)). Who knew someday beard would get in the way?

My roommate used to maintain a clean-shaven face. I often ridiculed him as a schoolboy, but my countless ridicule didn’t bother him. I used to give him examples of all the macho men who kept beards / mustaches. He argued “Have you ever noticed any person on Forbes’ richest people list with a beard / mustache?” To his defense, he was not in engineering. He was pursuing a management course, so it made some sense for him. He always played cool and he used to say that someday I’d learn my lesson. Whenever he argued like that, I used to sneer at him. Man, I learned my lesson and definitely not an easy way.

First three years of college didn’t bother me with any trouble as far as the beard was concerned. During the final year of engineering, we had campus placements going on. It was the time we were awaiting since the day we entered our college to get a job offer from one of the prestigious IT organizations. Preparations for the aptitude test and recruitment process were the topmost priority and sleep was second. Everything else was considered at a substantially lower priority.

The recruitment process started when a well-known IT company appeared for recruitment. Like all other job aspiring candidates, I prepared well for the aptitude test and I was quite hopeful of converting the opportunity. Fortunately, I cleared the test and I was shortlisted for the next round which was a group discussion. As my roommate had some prior experience with such activities, I had sought his help in that matter and he had offered me some guidance.

When the group discussion round was over, I was expecting a positive result. Shortlisted candidates would be called for a personal interview. I was expecting my name on the shortlist, but to my surprise my name wasn’t there. I knew I had performed well in the discussion, but I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Later a guy from the recruitment committee informed me that I would’ve been selected if I had appeared with a clean shave. I was flabbergasted! I recalled words of my dear roommate and indeed I learned my lesson.

You could be well dressed, have all the documents in place, carry proper confidence, meet every damn criteria, but if you don’t look the part then you may not get the result you had hoped for. Since that incident, I have never appeared unshaved for any interview or any other important matter. It has definitely made impact and I have achieved fruitful results. So, what’s your take? Should you shave or let the hair get in your way?

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette.


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