Checking out Buddhist caves near Lonavla (Bhaja Caves)

Once we reached the base we went back to Malavli station again from where we walked to Bhaja caves. Bhaja caves are ~2 kms from the station and they are on the way to Lohagad fort. The weather was good and there was plenty of greenery around so we had a nice walk. We reached the place from where we’d have to start climbing the stairs to reach Bhaja caves. We imagined it would be pretty easy. How innocent of us! It was getting onerous at each and every step. We felt like it was a Herculean task, which we felt we were simply incapable of carrying on. It was like we had crossed the age of 40 and our feet had decided not to listen to us. Two against one! Nevertheless, we gained courage and somehow we managed to reach the caves. Man, it was a hell of a trekking!

Steps leading to the caves.

What a view!

The entrance of Bhaja caves.

Chaityagruha at Bhaja Caves.

I ain’t gonna say cheese 😉

View of Malavali from the caves.

Sun and clouds playing hide and seek.

Stupa at Bhaja caves. The stupas are relics of resident monks, who died at Bhaja.

This one also had a small waterfall nearby.

A different point of view.

Yo, whatcha lookin at?

Need to rest for a while. Asad, you keep clicking 😉

How glad we were to find out that Bhaja caves were way less crowded than Karla caves were 🙂 We explored the caves, captured photographs and again rested for some time. A funny incident happened there. There was a family who came to visit the caves and there was a pretty girl in the family. Asad was capturing a photo of mine and unbeknownst to him, he was holding the camera in a way that it seemed like he was capturing that girl as she was standing right behind me. I guess the girl’s father seemed to notice it and during all the time we were there, he looked at Asad in a dubious manner. We didn’t know what to make out of it. Asad had no intention of capturing her. She was in the frame and we didn’t think it was appropriate to tell those guys to move away. Anyways, when we remember the incident we just can’t help but laugh.

Another funny thing happened there. There was a place in the caves where we were sitting and we were just about to leave. Then a foreigner guy (probably Chinese or Korean) came there with his two kids. One of the kids was capturing photos with his phone. Asad asked him about the phone. He didn’t get it so he asked him again and then he said ok. He told me he didn’t quite understand what the kid said, so he didn’t bother asking again. I said “Dude, the kid said it was Note 3”. He said “What? I just didn’t understand what he was saying.” It was a funny moment. These are the experiences that make travel a little bit more interesting and memorable.

After spending a good amount of time at Bhaja caves we started our return journey. Again, we ran to the steps while returning and this time we ran a little bit faster. It was slippery as it had rained and we were being careful. It was just amazing how fast we climbed down. We were tired and we really could use a bath. What better than a waterfall? There was a waterfall nearby and we were psyched to have a bath under it. Man, the moment we stood under the fall we just couldn’t breathe for a while. The water was a bit cold and we were standing at a place where the fall was fierce. It was a good massage, nonetheless 😉 The water so pure and both of us drank it as much as we wanted. After all, we were thirsty travelers. The trip was a cake and the waterfall was the icing. Last time I had a bath like that when I went to Tamhini Ghat. How refreshing it was to have a bath under the waterfall.

We returned to Malavli station, bought tickets to Pune and waited for the train. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long. I hoped for seats and I just couldn’t believe when we got them as soon as we boarded the train. Happy travels 🙂 Once we reached Pune, we walked to the bus station and guess what? The bus was almost about to leave. I jumped in and shouted out to Asad. He came running and there we were back in Pune, reaching to our places. Again, we got seats and we had a nice conversation on our way back. We were quite content about how the trip had gone. When we reached Magarpatta, we got another connecting bus to our places and that too without waiting! That trip happened in a timely manner and the best part was that we neither planned nor we thought it would go like that. Hell, in the morning I wasn’t even sure if we were going. Anyhow, I was so glad how things turned out.

It’s fun hanging out with a cool buddy. You don’t need a big group to have fun. Just one good friend is enough and that’s what we did. Thanks for joining me on this trip, homie 🙂


3 thoughts on “Checking out Buddhist caves near Lonavla (Bhaja Caves)

    • Amitabha, so glad to read your comment! It feels good to know that my blog post inspired you to travel 🙂

      Do visit those caves in monsoon as it is the best season to check them out. Btw, awesome pic of Tamhini Ghat. It is indeed a wonderful place. I’ve written a travelogue about my trip to Tamhini ghat.

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Travels 🙂


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