Zoutons.com Review

Who doesn’t like discounts while shopping online? Gone are the days when we would have to check out stores / shopping malls before considering purchasing things like electronic items, apparel, footwear, watches, books, cameras etc. Online shopping has become a trend for a few years and it seems that the trend will go on. After all, who doesn’t like things delivered at their doorsteps? So, if online shopping is a cake, then the cherry on the cake is discount coupons. Don’t you just love the word ‘discounts’? I most certainly do and recently I came across a wonderful website Zoutons.com, which offers such discount coupons. In this post I am going to review the website.

Firstly, Zoutons.com is a website that is simple to use and easy to navigate. You can avail discount coupons for online websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra and many other such websites. Let’s take a look at its homepage.

On the top of the homepage is a search bar from where you can search for coupons for various stores. Below it there is a banner which lists featured sales / coupons. You can also browse through popular coupons and popular stores from the homepage. The coupons are offered under various categories like appliances, books, footwear, etc. There is a dedicated page that lists all the categories.

There are plenty of stores for which you can select these coupons. If you want to check out all coupons related to a particular store then there is a page for that too.

I checked Myntra coupons. For any of the store pages you can filter out the coupons based on deals / coupons / all. You can vote for each and every coupon. Also, each and every store has its own ranking, which is based on user votes. You can vote for those stores.

One of the best things I liked about Zoutons.com is that when you click on any coupon, the store page opens in a new tab and you get the search results accordingly. For example, when I clicked on Myntra’s coupon ‘Flat 40% of Fashion wear’, the deal was activated and in a new tab all the fashion wear with at least 40% discount were listed on Myntra.com. Isn’t that cool? I’d say it sure is. For some of the coupons you  directly get the code in order to avail the discount. But, for others you just need to click to activate the deal and voila! Your deal is activated! I know this sounds easy, but when you check out the site and if you feel you are not sure how to use a coupon then you can refer to the help section. The coupons are not just limited to stores / categories. If you’re interested to find out deals that you can avail with your bank’s debit / credit card then there’s a separate page for that too. If you want to get notifications of the latest coupons, then all you’ve got to do is subscribe and all the updates on the site will be delivered to your inbox.

So far so good. There are some things, which I noticed, that can be improved and it will be good for overall user experience. The site sometimes takes a little bit of time to load. When I checked the FAQ page, it was completely blank. I think there needs to be some content on that page. The site has to capture a lot of market share and I am sure if the word spreads out quickly, then it will be one of the top players in that domain. Now, before I think of buying anything online, I am gonna go to zoutons.com and check out some deals 😉


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