College days are some of the best days of one’s life. Wouldn’t you agree? I definitely would and getting into your dream college would be a cherry on top of the cake, right? But, how do you figure out your dream college? Would you just blindly enter the college your best friend got into? Or would you do some research before hand and decide for yourself which college suits your needs? I’d say do some research in advance so you’ll have a fair idea. After all, you’ll be investing a few years, which are a very important part of your life, and your parents’ savings before you become a professional and start earning for yourself. You’ve got to be smart and wise before making such an important decision for your career. You might ask “Where can I do this research?” Well, the answer to that question is College Dunia. What is it? Continue reading to know more. is a website (more like a search engine) which can be used as a one stop destination for searching information related to various colleges, courses and many other details about any college you want. If you are seeking for information about higher education in India then you can surely benefit from using this website. The repository contains details about more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses. You can explore in-depth information and the user interface is quite interactive and simple to use. Let me walk you through the features of this website.

First, let’s take a look at the homepage. The first thing you’ll notice on the homepage is a search bar in which you can type and search for colleges, university and exam results. Below the search bar, there are two links. One that lists colleges in India and another that lists various exams.

Below this interface, you can notice various streams like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts etc. Click on any of these links and you’ll be redirected to a list of colleges for any specific specialization. Also, you’ll find featured colleges featured colleges listed below and these links and News & Update section below that. The News & Update section lists the latest articles from their blog.

Like many engineering students, I was preparing for GATE examination because it opens doors to IITs and which engineer would not like to get into IIT? My target was IIT-Delhi, but I got into another college. It’s a different story, but I was recalling my preparation for GATE and I thought of getting some info about IIT-Delhi that I didn’t know. I searched for it on and came across some really detailed information. Check it out.

When you visit a page for any college, you’ll notice its rating (offered by collegedunia), basic information, academic overview, cutoffs for various courses, extracurricular activities, facilities, festivals and scholarships at the center of the page. On the left side, you’ll find the college’s address, email contact, SMS contact, photos, videos, facilities and examinations through which admissions are accepted to that college. From the right side, you can take a look at top colleges for related stream and nearby colleges. Also, there are different tabs on the page from where you can check out all the courses, fees, gallery, placement details, faculty’s details and even more information like college strength, reservation and college brochure.

The site also has a blog section where you can read articles related to colleges, courses and exams. You can also add a comment on those articles.

Whoa! That’s really a lot of information, isn’t it? Yes, but, there’s more! You can contact any college via email / sms. Also, you can shortlist and apply to colleges and review them as well. The best thing is that you don’t have to be a premium member or a paid member to use these facilities! Isn’t that cool? I wish I had a site like this when I entered college. No worries. I can take advantage of the site when I’ll be planning for master studies 🙂


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