Bring back the touch

“You’ll be going to London within a week. You’ll be going for a month.” Rohit couldn’t believe it at first when he read his email. He was excited and worried at the same time. Excited to be in the UK and worried to miss Sonia – his wife. Rohit and Sonia were a newly married couple. It had been only 8 months since they got married and now Rohit won’t be around her for at least a month. He was definitely going to miss her.

When he broke the news to Sonia, she had the same feeling as Rohit. Excited for him and worried to be apart from each other for some time. She did most of the shopping for him and she packed some home cooked food in his luggage so that whenever he’d miss her, he could at least savor the food and abate the feeling. “I’ll miss you a lot.” he kept saying before leaving. She knew she’d be the one who will miss him more.

They reached the airport and Rohit embraced Sonia affectionately. ‘Have fun in London. Do some shopping for me and don’t miss me too much.’ She said before he left. ‘I miss you already.’ Rohit kissed goodbye and entered the airport. Rohit’s flight took off and she returned home. She was already missing him. She opened Rohit’s wardrobe and took out one of his shirts. She put it on her and went to bed hugging Rohit’s pillow.

The days passed by and they both couldn’t wait to meet again. Communication was going through the medium of whtsapp messages, Facebook statuses, tweets, instagram photos and never-ending video calls. But, what they missed the most was a gentle touch. She loved the way he’d caress her hair, play with her fingers and how he’d create shadows using his & her hands. Most of all, she missed his hug. Royal London had everything to offer him except his beloved wife’s sensual touch. He was counting the days and he couldn’t wait to get back to India, give her a warm hug and kiss her soft cheeks. He had to resist to take his hands off her cheeks. He wished he’d go to bed and wake up next to Sonia. His trip to London was about to get over.

Sonia reached the airport early to receive him. Rohit’s flight landed and after two hours waiting anxiously they both were wrapped in each other’s arms. ‘Just stay there for a while. I’ve missed it a lot.’ he said and showered her with kisses. ‘So have I.’ she said. They reached home talking about his trip en route. She was driving with one hand on steering wheel, other hand on the gear with Rohit’s hand on her. They reached home and she asked ‘So what did you shop for me?’ Rohit opened his bag, hold something in his hand. She blushed. Rohit was holding what Sonia had packed in his bags. It was her favorite body lotion. She applied some of it to her nose and rubbed it against with Rohit’s nose. Their touch was back.

Have you been missing a gentle touch of your beloved ones? Well, #BringBackTheTouch with Parachute’s advanced body lotion.  Take a look at their commercial video.

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” – Plato


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