A beautiful conundrum

Just one glance at her,
And the poetry recited itself,
For in her he found a beautiful poem,
Which he wasn’t able to fathom,

She was a mystery to him,
That he always tried to figure,
All efforts resulted in vain,
He resorted to his beloved words,

Words that could describe,
What he wanted to say,
But seldom he came across,
Anything that was so subtle,

Messages were exchanged,
Through the medium of their eyes,
For her eyes told him tales,
He wouldn’t mind listening for hours,

Was she for real or just a fairytale?
Often he asked himself,
Truth be told,
The answer didn’t matter,

They didn’t talk much,
Never they said hi to each other,
They lived in a world,
Completely aware and yet oblivious of the other…


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