Dudhsagar Waterfalls – The Wild White Beauty (continued)

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The fall was not visible yet, but we could definitely hear the roaring sound. I thought the top of the fall must be visible. So, I looked above and there was a white water stream falling from down. That was the first sight of the fall and it was so titillating!

See that water falling from above? That’s just the trailer. Let’s go watch the movie.

We decided we’d capture a video in Asad’s cam till we’d reach the fall. None of us said anything when he captured the video. We walked towards the fall and when we reached there I was just not able to control my silence. I shouted “Dude, just look at this. It is awesome!” Check out the video.

I just can’t describe the feeling how it was to stand in front of Dudhsagar Waterfalls, witness thousands of gallons of water falling from 310 meters (1017 feet) and hear it roar. It truly was a mesmerizing sight. It was sublime, beautiful and intimidating at the same time. Words and pictures can do little justice. It literally lives up to its name. Dudhsagar – sea of milk. It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. The fall gushes so wildly that the water sprays to a few meters and we would’ve been completely drenched had we not put on our raincoats! It’s not just water, there’s wind force too. It is absolutely remarkable that people managed to build railway tracks near that wild white beauty. Take a look.

Behold, the mighty Dudhsagar waterfalls.

The other side of track – opposite to the falls.

Surrounded by the natural beauty all around. Falls on one side, mountains on the other.

We spent some time admiring the beauty and let ourselves completely in awe of it. We clicked some photos and videos. Then, we rested in a place nearby where there was a small canteen and a shelter available. The canteen was not open when we reached there. It opens only during the weekend and that too in season. Rest of the days it is closed. Luckily, we were there on a weekend. We had reached quite early and we had a lot of time on hand. Because we were early the place was not crowded. We had nothing to do but enjoy the fall and that’s what we did 🙂

How can you miss a pic like this? 😉

That water stream comes from the fall.

One for you too, my friend 🙂

And the water just keeps on falling. That’s the lower part of the falls.

We noticed there were some people who had camped near the canteen and they had brought lots of stuff with them. Awesome! That was absolutely amazing. I mean what better than to camp near the fall, cook your own food, enjoy the fall whenever you want and have fun, right? I gotta plan my next trip with a tent, a sleeping bag and some crazy friends. Interested? Let me know.

Campers spotted. I am already daydreaming my next trip 😉

The canteen opened around at 10 am and we bought some stuff to eat. It sells tea, some snack packets, bread omelette, vada pav and some biscuits. I guess there’s no other place around where you can get something to eat. Bread omelette is sold for 50 bucks, but if you haven’t brought your own food, then I think you’re out of options. The canteen was on one side of the track and there was a home like shelter on the other side of the tracks. I am not sure if they sell anything there because we didn’t go there.

Dream a home at this spot! The aforesaid place.

Chennai Express passing by the falls. Glad I watched it in person rather than in the movie 😉

I was walking on the tracks in front of the fall and I noticed something. On one side of the track there were stairs and they would lead right to the bottom of the fall and so close to it. There was no one there. I informed Asad about it and we headed that way. At one point one cannot go further because the stairs are broken so we went downstairs via an alternate way. The view from there was so surreal.

Climb down for surreal view! Stairs are broken midway. But, when there’s a will…

Just one word. Breathtaking!

Going all the way down.

We spent quite a good amount of time fulfilling ourselves with the magnificent view and some time in the shelter when it rained. Our return journey was on the same evening and we’d be traveling via the same train which we boarded a day before. Trekking all the way back to Castle Rock was definitely on our minds. Earlier we had thought that we’d get on the train from the Dudhsagar station as it was nearer to the falls. The guy who boarded the train from Castle Rock in the morning informed us that Dudhsagar station would be heavily crowded as it was a weekend and the train doesn’t stop for much time. The better option would be to board the train from Sonalium station, which was 4 kilometers from the fall. We opted for that option.

We bid goodbye to the glorious fall and started trekking towards Sonalium station. When we left Dudhsagar falls, it was raining and a little bit cold. It’s strange how the weather changes within a short span of distance. We crossed two tunnels, walked for some time and all of a sudden it was sunny! 1 km far from the fall, there is a viewpoint from where one could see the entire fall. See how beautiful it looks from a distance.

All the tunnels are numbered. There are 15 tunnels between Castle Rock and Kulem.

All the tunnels are numbered. There are 15 tunnels between Castle Rock and Kulem.

There’s the sea of milk in its full glory.

A closer look at the wild white beauty.

We dropped our raincoats there and basked under the sun. After relaxing for some time, we started trekking again and surprisingly, it started raining heavily! So, we kept trekking in heavy rains and after walking for about 3 kilometers from the fall we were getting tired. We just wanted to reach the station and relax our feet. Trekked another kilometer and at last we reached the station. Phew! We waited at the station and the train arrived after half an hour or so. Thankfully, there were very few people on that station so we were not worried about boarding the train.

You’re waiting for a train. A train that’ll take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take youOh shoot, I am dreaming!

After boarding the train, a squad guy came to our seat and asked for tickets. Here comes the kicker. Our reservation was from Castle Rock and we boarded the train before that 😉 I showed the tickets on my cell phone and he said that we didn’t have tickets from Sonalium to Castle Rock so we were violating the law and we’d have to pay fine. Holy shit! We payed the fine and learned a lesson. I guess we were lucky enough that no one asked for tickets when we were traveling from Castle Rock to Dudhsagar station because our reservation was till Castle Rock 😉 Word of advice: book your tickets to and from Kulem. Although the train halts at a few stations between Castle Rock and Kulem, but none of them are official. So you won’t find them while booking tickets.

The train crossed the fall and this time I experienced the fall from inside the train. I gave it a flying kiss, bid au revoir and resorted to my seat. We thought of having an early dinner and call it a night. We had no other option than eating pantry food. Because it was a little bit earlier, the dinner was not available so we waited for it. Here’s a fun fact. The train halts at a station which has a very strange name. Londa. I know, right? The thing is the letter ‘D’ is pronounced just like you pronounce it in ‘dada‘ or ‘dadi‘. So it is pronounced like ‘Lon-Da‘. Just in case if you’re going to mention this to anyone 😉 You’re welcome.

After dinner, I just crashed on my berth and I slept like I never did before. Asad said I slept like a dead man. Ok, I am kidding, but you know what I mean, right? We reached Pune early morning on 31st August. Whew! All journeys eventually end in the same place, home. So glad that Dudhsagar happened 🙂

“Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.” – Tennessee Williams


11 thoughts on “Dudhsagar Waterfalls – The Wild White Beauty (continued)

  1. Superb writeup.
    Even we visited this place in July 2014.
    We trekked from Castle Rock Station and it was really awesome!!!
    PS: It feels awesome to write a blog after you visit Dudhsagar Falls 😛


    • Hey Vivek, thanks for the feedback! I checked your blog and I must say your blog post about Dudhsagar is way more detailed and well written. Bravo!

      Oh yes, it definitely feels awesome to write about it after a visit 🙂


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