A coffee and a muffin

Sitting in a cafe I am enjoying a coffee and a muffin,
Words flow out naturally and I ain’t bluffin,

The aroma of the cafe and conversations enchanting,
It’s time for a break from all the matters advancing,

Friends are relaxing and some are texting,
Sipping the nectar, I wish to stop the time that’s fleeting,

Bitter is the coffee, sweet is the muffin,
For a moment I am disconnected with the world and all the things happenin,

Good day, bad day wouldn’t matter much after a cuppa happiness,
Because there will be no thoughts or mood of any sadness,

Savoring the divine drink, I wrote some words on a paper napkin,
Set my thoughts free, wouldn’t want to leave them hangin,

Words came out naturally and I wasn’t bluffin,
I left the cafe after cherishing a coffee and a muffin.


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