A weekend worth spent – A Sonnet

A sonnet I wrote about the weekend which I spent travelling, trekking, getting lost and making new friends. Read the whole experience here.

Hidden in my shoes is some mountain dust,
Reminds of the time when I quenched my wanderlust,

Away from the city lights and all that noise,
Up in the mountains I found some peace and poise,

We climbed the mountain, fireflies lit our way,
Amazed by the beauty we let ourselves sway,

Had a humble meal after tiring my legs,
I was surrounded by amazing people and their backpacks,

Next morning I was lost in the jungle and had cold feet,
Finding my way back I thought “Holy shit! This is something I might wanna repeat!”,

Returned with memories to remember and stories to tell,
I am gonna share them with people where I dwell,

I was back rejuvenated and content,
For it was a weekend worth spent.



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