Hello, anybody here?

“Hello World!” That is the first program you execute when you’re learning a new programming language or a script. I mean, come on “Hello World!” seriously? Doesn’t that sound a bit lame? “My first program in PHP” or “Whts up?” sounds better than “Hello World!” But I am not writing this to talk about programming languages or codes as it is the last thing I want to talk & write about right now. I want to talk about something else. Although, it is something related (but not to programming). 

Sometimes I just wonder if we could just send a message like “Hello World!” out in the world. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone would reply back? I know it is a crazy thought (or whatever you call it), but you gotta go crazy once in a while and hey, what’s gonna stop you from thinking? I believe that there are many people in the world who would like someone to hear them. We all have got our stories and things to share but not always there is someone who wants to hear us. Sure we got friends, family members, dear ones and many other people but sometimes all we seek is company of someone who is not “labeled” by any means; an acquaintance or perhaps a stranger.

There are times when you just want to escape from all the people you know. I get that feeling sometimes. It’s like everyone is around me but I am just not there. Alone in the crowd. I hear what they are saying and give my reactions but my mind & heart are roaming somewhere else. Like I am searching for someone; a better company perhaps. My eyes just keep looking. I look up in the sky and wonder am I the only one? There must be someone else.  Is there a way I can find such people? I’d wanna hang out with them. 

The life revolving around me makes me wonder these things even more. But I know that having someone with me can make me feel way better than I am right now and what I can just imagine. It’s the comfort of not being alone I am searching for. 

So, anybody here?


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